What Sheets Do Hotels Use?

Hotel Sheets

The best hotel rooms offer luxury and comfort. Many people agree that hotel beds, pillows, and sheets feel more luxurious than those at home. You can still achieve the same level of comfort at your home with the right bedding.

What kind of sheets are used by hotels? Many hotels use a variety of cotton sheets for their beds. Typically, they are made from long-staple, high-thread cotton. Cotton sheets are used by hotels for many reasons, including its durability, softness and breathability.

The hypoallergenic nature of cotton means that hotel guests won’t be allergic to it. The material can be machine washed as hotel staff cannot dry-clean or wash hundreds of sheets per day.

Consider upgrading your mattress and changing the color scheme of your bedroom to create a hotel-like atmosphere.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton sheets are very popular because they are luxurious, soft, and lightweight. This cotton is a product of Egypt. It is hand-picked to ensure that the cotton fibers are not broken.

Supima Cotton

Suppima cotton is a long-staple cotton made only in the USA. Because it is smooth and long-lasting, it is very popular in hotels. Supima is lightweight and fine with extra-long staples. However, it’s incredibly durable.

Cotton Sateen

A specific thread pattern made of cotton is called Cotton Sateen. It has a one-up and four-over weave. Because silk and satin are delicate and expensive and can cause allergies, hotels don’t use them. However, the sateen weave is an excellent alternative. It’s silky smooth and hypoallergenic. Because they can be machine washed and wrinkle-resistant, sateen sheets make easy care of.

Cotton Percale

The cotton percale weave is an over-and under weave. It has a tight flat weave and a matte finish. Percale weaves are crisp and durable and look similar to a dress shirts. However, they have a matte finish and are lighter than cotton sateen sheets .


Hotels use linen as the only non-cotton option for sheets. Linen is made from flax plants and requires very little energy and water to make.

However, it can still be costly to harvest and make linen. Linen is a popular choice for hotels because it is low-maintenance and hypoallergenic. The sheets will not become stained over time because linen is breathable and moisture-wicking.


Hotel Sheet Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. This only applies to cotton fabrics. Hotel sheets are mostly cotton so it is important to ensure the right thread count. A higher thread count is good, but only up to a certain extent.

For soft, durable and breathable sheets, a thread count of 300-500 is the ideal number. Lower thread counts can feel rougher and wear down more quickly. Although you can technically find threads higher than 1000 (upwards to 1000), it is a marketing trick and does not add softness or durability.

It is impossible to fit 1000 threads of high quality into one square inch. Therefore, companies use thin threads to increase the thread count. Although the thread count may be higher technically, the threads used are of low quality and are ultimately a waste. If the thread count of sheets is extremely high but sheets cost $50 or less, it is easy to tell if they contain low-quality threads.

The staple length of cotton sheets is more important than the thread count in determining sheet quality and feel. Staple length refers to the length of the threads. Extra-long and long-staple staple fibers are soft, supple and flexible. Short-staple fibers can be coarse and crisp. Because they are long-lasting and plush, the best hotels use long-staple sheets.


How to Get Hotel-Quality Bed Sheets

It’s not about what kind of sheets you choose, if you want to have a hotel-like feeling bed. To make them feel great, it’s also important to care for them.

Hospitality Bedding Wholesalers and Manufacturers are Available to You

Instead of shopping at a department store you can find bed sheets directly from mattress manufacturers. As opposed to department stores selling many different products, hotel bedding manufacturers focus on selling high-quality bedding.

If you are looking for sheets that hotel chains use, or multiple sets of sheets for your home, it is a good idea to shop from wholesalers and manufacturers.

Select the Right Thread Count

Be sure to verify the thread count of cotton sheets before you buy, as most hotels use them. While thread count isn’t necessarily the best way to spot hotel-style sheets (as we have said), it is something you should keep in mind while browsing. For luxurious, durable and long-lasting cotton thread sheets, 300 to 500 is the ideal range.

Make Your Bed Every Day

If you leave your sheets crumpled and unmade on your bed, it will make them feel less crisp. To keep your sheets clean and your bedroom fresh, make sure you change your sheets every day.

Layer Your Sheets

Many hotels use layers of bed sheets to improve hygiene and appearance. First, they lay a fitted sheet and then a flatsheet atop it. The comforter is then added, followed by a cover and a second flat sheet.

It is a lot. The blanket looks great and is protected by the additional sheet that you add to it.

Wash Your Sheets Often

Because guests use them constantly, hotels wash their pillows and sheets hundreds of time. The sheets can become creased and crusty if someone sweats in them. Regular washing at hotels can prevent wrinkled and crusty sheets.

Although it is unrealistic to wash your sheets as often as hotels, a weekly wash may have similar results.

A High-Quality Fabric Softener is Recommended

The way your sheets feel is greatly affected by the use of a fabric softener. Fabric softeners can soften your bedsheets as well as reduce wrinkles, remove odors and reduce static. Liquid fabric is more effective than dryer sheets or dryer balls.

Do Not Hold on to Old Sheets

Don’t try to prolong the life of your bedsheets if they are stained, pilling or worn out. Old sheets can become discolored and rough. They also smell like hotel bedsheets. Upgrade to new sheets to improve your comfort and freshen up your bed.