What Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

If you’ve ever remained in a hotel while traveling you’ve slept in a bed that was designed to be comfortable to a wide variety of people.

Hotels have long used double-sided mattresss, likewise referred to as ‘flippable’, to prolong the life expectancy of a mattress.

In this article, we’ll check out a few of the mattresses frequently utilized in hotels today.


What Type of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

Here are some of the most common hotel brands:


The exclusive bedding of Marriott is made to aid tired travelers in their sleep. The Marriott Pillow, a plush pillow made of Lyocell fibers and down, is a guest favourite.

The Marriott Bed is made of a soy-based foam that instantly cradles your body when you lay down on it. However, the Marriott Bed does not sink. One satisfied Marriott guest described the innerspring model as being “firm with cloudlike softness.”

Shop Marriott offers pillows, mattresses, and other bedding that you can use to recreate the Marriott guest room experience in your bedroom.

Ritz Carlton

Signature bedding by The Ritz-Carlton combines luxury and support. The renowned RitzCarlton Pillow is made from a combination of down, duck feathers, and Lyocell fibers. It also has a triple-chamber cotton covering to keep it full and fluffy. You can also get a Down Alternative version with an eco-friendly fill made from recycled bottles. It’s still very luxurious.

The hybrid Ritz-Carlton Bed was custom-made for the chain. It features a plush-top construction with reinforced foam-cased edges, gel-infused memory foam layers, and a foam-cased edge so that hot sleepers don’t need to worry about the temperature at night. The mattress trim is decorated with an elegant fleur-de-lis.

Visit the Ritz Carlton Hotel Shop to transform your bedroom into a 5-star hotel.


Sofitel, a French hotel chain, believes that the bedroom should be a place where you can relax, read, and unwind. Sofitel Bed is a medium-firm mattress that features a soft top and ergonomic design to provide pressure relief. This mattress promises excellent motion isolation, which is great news for couples.

The Sofitel Feather & Down Pillow is a plush, plush pillow that guests can rest their heads on. It has a cotton cover that’s been double-stitched to ensure it stays full and plush. The Down Alternative version replaces feathers with microfibers.

Sofitel’s pillows and mattresses are exclusive to this hotel chain. The Sofitel Boutique is available for those who wish to have a bonne noapte every night.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons, a well-known hotel chain, revolutionized hospitality. This allowed guests to choose the firmness of their mattresses in their rooms. You can choose from firm, plush, or mixed materials for the Signature Mattress.

Layers of temperature-regulating memory foam plus pocketed coil springs will ensure you’re adequately supported without overheating, making it a good cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

This comfort is further enhanced by the Four Seasons Down & Feather Pillow. It’s made from white down and feather mixed on the inside. The outside is covered with a 240-thread cotton case.

To view its Signature Home Collection, shoppers can visit the Four Seasons at Home storefront. These include linens, duvets and many other items.

Here are some requirements that make an excellent hotel bed mattress:


Most mattresses offered today have just one side.

About twenty years ago, mattress suppliers altered from marketing two-sided mattresses to prejudiced mattresss as a cost-cutting procedure.

Hotel bed mattresses are generally two-sided since they can flip as well as turn the bed mattress to enhance longevity as well as comfort.

But as more resorts incorporate flexible base beds right into their spaces, prejudiced bed mattress are growing in popularity as well as preference.

Side Support

The side of a mattress undergoes everyday deterioration.

It is critical that this part of the bed mattress is strengthened for longevity and to permit you to rest closer to the edge of the Mattress without the feeling of turning out.

Durable Coil System

The coil system in a bed mattress can break over time. Hotels search for a tried and true coil design made from heat-tempered steel.

Medium Comfort

Mattresses range in feeling from tough as the flooring to soft like a pillow.

Mattresses utilized in hotels are normally in the middle of this spectrum to please the largest range of sleepers possible.


Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable?

Hotels recognize that fatigued guests are mosting likely to wish to remain someplace they can totally relax as well as recharge after a lengthy day of taking a trip or exploring.

Thus, all resorts– from budget chains to 5-star buildings– spend a lot of research as well as money in creating the very best sleep experience for their customers.

That includes using premium materials that’ll last for hundreds (if not thousands) of remains.

A few of that comfort may also be psychological.

Think about it – you enter your hotel space where the sheets are fresh, the lights are lowered as well as the area temperature has a very minor chill.

Combine that with frustrating sense of fatigue and also you’ll drift to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Still, if you can not get that rich sensation of a specific resort’s bed out of your mind you can reproduce as much of that experience as possible in your own residence by acquiring pillows and mattresses exclusive to your preferred residential or commercial property.

Nonetheless, if that’s cost-prohibitive, begin small and also pick up among the very best mattress toppers for an economical way to instantly update your rest.


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